Tuesday, 20 December 2016

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

With the real estate sector witnessing phenomenal growth in recent years, investment opportunities in the sector have increased manifold. However, becoming a successful real estate investor is not everyone's cup of tea. One needs to understand the various aspects and the risk factors involved to become an efficacious investor. It is also important to decide the goals you want to achieve through real estate investing.

Study the market

Before spending in the sector, it is essential to study the market well. A successful investor is well aware of the current market scenario. Keep a track of the latest developments through newspapers, internet and other modes of communication. You need to have an analytical approach and think the pros and cons of each development.

Have a proper game plan

Proper plan is one of the key traits of prosperous private real estate investors. List your investment plans on paper and analyze it. Find out if there are any loopholes in your plan and get it checked by seasoned campaigners. There are certain questions you need to answer before spending. They are:-

• How many properties do you want to buy?
• How you plan to get a high return on investment?
• Which sector (commercial, residential, retail) is your focus?
• How will you arrange the funds?
• What are the risk factors?

Assemble a team

Making money in the real estate depends a lot on your team. All prosperous investors have a core team with specific tasks. Appraisers, contractors, lenders, agents and attorneys are the key members of team who will aid you in every possible way to make your venture fruitful.

Establish goals for each property

Before investing in a property, set up the goals. Figure out what you want to do with the possessions. Do you want to sell it immediately or hold it for long? Successful investors know how to earn profits on each property. Proper homework and exit plans curtail risk factors to a great extent.

Assess the tax situation

Taxes, a vital part of successful investment, can make a lot of difference between positive and negative cash flow. Hence, you must know your tax situation and use it for your aid. Hire a good tax accountant who will guide you through the various aspects of taxation.

Through inspection of property

A smart real estate investor is one who conducts a thorough inspection of property before spending. It's foolish to invest in an asset without proper examination. If you are unsure about anything, hire a surveyor.

Be optimistic and patient

Patience is the key to success in any business. Don't lose your patience when the market is not doing well. In such a scenario, don't lose hope and start taking wrong decisions. All successful investors in the sector have witnessed lows, but their commitment and optimism have helped them turn the tide. Stick to tried and tested strategies during rough periods. However, if they don't work out, then start exploring new tactics.

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Concorde Group Projects:- ReviewReal Estate Finding a New Track in Indian Economy

A big impact of recession is seen in the worldwide market, where many big companies posted big losses, asked for a bailout and even filed for the bankruptcy. The recession had such an impact on the world over economy that even a core business of a particular country went in loss with many citizens pulling their hands off from investment part.

Same happened with the Indian real estate market, the most bullish sector where not many hesitated before putting their money forward for an investment related to some plot, flat, office, shop etc.

In the month of September 2008, when recession captured the world with a full grip, the real estate of India suffered a big loss session. All the major reality players like Jaypee Group, Unitech and DLF came up with the schemes and rebates on flats to attract as many buyers as they can and sell off the reserve as soon as possible.

The cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and National Capital Region accounts for big business of the country with many property owners earning big money from the rental income from homes and offices.

One can analyse the downfall of rental income in these cities as many fully constructed buildings are standing with a very less space occupied with them and that too on a small amount of rent in comparison with the rentals of 2007.

This downfall was not limited to the rental part of real estate industry but the pure buying and selling of properties also came to a halt after financial crises reached the Indian economy.

With the global economic crises on one side, leading players of real estate India like DLF and Unitech are focusing more on the repayment of debts as soon as possible.

This has resulted in big real estate players selling their personal office properties, shifting their focus from core property business to some other businesses like insurance and hospitality and selling off some part of the company by getting listed on the capital market.

However, according to the recent study conducted by several industry watchers, the real estate of India is coming back on profitable track with the demand for offices is increasing in major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, however Delhi and NCR are still far from witnessing growth in demand as many are expecting further fall in rentals here.

Besides the growth factor in office and shop rentals, a slight growth is also seen in the buying and selling transactions of properties.

With the Indian economy coming on track again, the demand for flats are seen rising in past one month. The real estate developers like Amrapali, Parsvanath and Unitech are nor registering some potential bookings on their order books.

The recent festive season has also added some profits to the real estate industry when many were keen on buying a new home.

During the last festive season, a very low rush was seen for the real estate buying but this year, the banks came up with some attractive home loan schemes with the help of rebate provided by Reserve Bank of India.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Concorde Group Reviews:- The Real Deal With Real Estate

Bangalore and IT sector have become synonymous to each other with top IT companies settling down in Bangalore. It goes without saying that Bangalore is the real IT hub of India. All the IT professionals eye Bangalore with wishful eyes and wait for an opportunity to make to this tech city. property in Bangalore is at cloud nine, thanks to the students, IT professionals and MNCs rushing to Bangalore who have made the property market a vibrant one.

Not just education and employment but Bangalore also scores high for settling down after retirement. The pleasant climate of Bangalore prevents the sensitive old age from the lashing heat or cold waves. There are ample of green stretches and water bodies in Bangalore to give it an aesthetic look. Not many would know that Bangalore keeps pace not only with the latest IT developments but also keeps a check on the changing fashion trends. MG Road and Brigade Road showcase the changing styles in fashion. The young IT professionals thus keep abreast with the latest fashionable accessories, clothing and style. The hot-and-happening culture of the city has taken the real estate in Bangalore to new heights.
Progress of real estate in Bangalore

Bangalore has seen a marked increase in the number of residential, retail and commercial properties. The speedy growth of IT sector has catapulted the population figures in the city. An increase in population has in turn sounded the bugle for greater availability of space for commercial, retail or residential purpose. Facing the bulk demand of affordable properties, the government and private builders are both ready to reduce the deficit. The land for sale in the suburban areas of Bangalore has seen a drastic price revision as compared to the past. The real estate in Bangalore got a real boost when NRIs started investing hefty sums in the real estate sector of the city.

The influx of foreign firms moving to India to establish a base started with Bangalore; the city invited multi-nationals from the IT sector and paved the way for other cities to walk on the same lines. The cosmopolitan culture of Bangalore helped the westerners to adapt quickly to the new environment. Real estate in Bangalore is witnessing both vertical and horizontal growth. The entire city has residential apartments and flats being developed in the available spaces. There are several luxury condos being built with magnificent amenities like pool, spa, Jacuzzi, gymnasium and sports facilities. In addition to the condos, Bangalore has many high profile ultra luxury villas with remote controlled access for household appliances. 

World-class Malls are dotting the city line and the demand for office space has undergone a tremendous rise.
Realestate in Bangalore has miles to go. Eastern parts of the city, including areas of K.R.Puram, Bannerghetta Road, Kanakpura Road, Marathahalli, J.P.Nagar, Sarjapur and Jayanagar have seen remarkable development in the real estate sector. The developers are targeting the middle and upper working class and thus focusing on building economical residential options. To meet the exploding demand for real estate in Bangalore, the government as well as the private builders will have to come up with attractive and cost-effective projects.

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Concorde Group Reviews - The Revival of Bali

‘Bali Renaissance’ in India, rare it may sound but it is true. ConcordeGroup review shows that this time they have something archaic to offer which is a perfect combination of nature’s tranquility and Balinese divine. Concorde Epitome is set amidst the forest, off Nursing Junction, A walk through a bliss nature and concrete parallel to each other, literally.
It is an impress infrastructure where each villa gives an aqueous feel through private pool and nostalgia through its design, structures and architecture. Everything is carefully planned like the foliage and flowers which you can’t experience by just picking up a book of past. It gives a mystical touch to your life, a primitive feeling, a soothing feel to your senses with Balinese leaves all around.
Concorde Group Review known for 14 years of quality delivery give nothing less than a royal dream through Euphoria. It gives you much more that your eyes can adorn. A perfect showcase of modernity and past through clubhouse, reflexology pool, bio pool, meditation court and pebble beach and much more. So come take a stroll through corner of history with a slice of Bali to let you discover yourself.