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Concorde Group Projects:- ReviewReal Estate Finding a New Track in Indian Economy

A big impact of recession is seen in the worldwide market, where many big companies posted big losses, asked for a bailout and even filed for the bankruptcy. The recession had such an impact on the world over economy that even a core business of a particular country went in loss with many citizens pulling their hands off from investment part.

Same happened with the Indian real estate market, the most bullish sector where not many hesitated before putting their money forward for an investment related to some plot, flat, office, shop etc.

In the month of September 2008, when recession captured the world with a full grip, the real estate of India suffered a big loss session. All the major reality players like Jaypee Group, Unitech and DLF came up with the schemes and rebates on flats to attract as many buyers as they can and sell off the reserve as soon as possible.

The cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and National Capital Region accounts for big business of the country with many property owners earning big money from the rental income from homes and offices.

One can analyse the downfall of rental income in these cities as many fully constructed buildings are standing with a very less space occupied with them and that too on a small amount of rent in comparison with the rentals of 2007.

This downfall was not limited to the rental part of real estate industry but the pure buying and selling of properties also came to a halt after financial crises reached the Indian economy.

With the global economic crises on one side, leading players of real estate India like DLF and Unitech are focusing more on the repayment of debts as soon as possible.

This has resulted in big real estate players selling their personal office properties, shifting their focus from core property business to some other businesses like insurance and hospitality and selling off some part of the company by getting listed on the capital market.

However, according to the recent study conducted by several industry watchers, the real estate of India is coming back on profitable track with the demand for offices is increasing in major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, however Delhi and NCR are still far from witnessing growth in demand as many are expecting further fall in rentals here.

Besides the growth factor in office and shop rentals, a slight growth is also seen in the buying and selling transactions of properties.

With the Indian economy coming on track again, the demand for flats are seen rising in past one month. The real estate developers like Amrapali, Parsvanath and Unitech are nor registering some potential bookings on their order books.

The recent festive season has also added some profits to the real estate industry when many were keen on buying a new home.

During the last festive season, a very low rush was seen for the real estate buying but this year, the banks came up with some attractive home loan schemes with the help of rebate provided by Reserve Bank of India.

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